Personal Post: Lasik Surgery

In 2004 I underwent Lasik surgery on my right eye. I was entering my senior year of college. I had this belief that this procedure could potentially help my basketball career.

Ever since I was a little kid - I had perfect vision in my left eye; and well, awful vision in my right eye. Most believed this meant I had a lazy eye; even some eye doctors held this belief at first. However, after extensive testing and examination continually the results would show that instead I just had widely varied vision between my eyes.

Luckily for me - despite my poor vision in my right eye (20/200 is barely being able to read the biggest eye on the board - I feel between 20/100 and 20/200). I always thought that this held me back on the basketball court. I could always shoot - and I had really good court vision. But I believed that if I could see better I would shoot better and pass better - etc.

The surgery happened and my vision improved. But not to 20/20. And my game was the same - after 20+ years my body had adapted.

Now I am doing it again. I am excited to get the procedure done on both eyes today. My left has slipped in its "old age" so I am getting that one done too. All with one week before school. No more glasses or contacts. And definitely no more accuracy when shooting on the court.

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