News Post: "Apple furthers education push with several new iOS 7 features"

The News Post: "Apple furthers education push with several new iOS 7 features" is an important read for any iPad user in the classroom.

Apple is pushing to make the iPad more friendly for classroom users - specifically students. I am entering my 2nd year as a teacher implementing 1:1 iPads. I believe iPads are the present of education. They are not the future because they are the now.

iPads enable me to differentiate and individualize lessons like never before. In addition, discovery learning can be adapted into every lesson. The advantages continue with the ability to provide project based learning assignments for my students at various levels.

I strive to help my students learn how to read, write, and think critically and independently. In addition, if you keep in mind this quote: "Education is knowing what to do when you don't have the answer" - we must helps students learn how to use the resources they have to learn.

Apple is working in many others facets to make this education push more successful - not only for the future but more importantly for now.

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