Reflecting on the article "Why We Should Rethink the Eight-Hour Workday"

Check out the article "Why We Should Rethink the Eight-Hour Workday."

When I evaluate my best practices in terms of production I find that smaller windows of time - such as 90 minute windows - allow me to achieve greater productivity. Now, I am only able to accomplish this type of schedule during the summer weeks. But I find myself able to accomplish much more when I work in bursts vs large portions of time. Those that know me - realize I must finish a project once it is started. I have a drive that must complete the task at hand.

This sparks a series of thoughts that - because this is my blog I am able to share.

As a teacher I am often frustrated by the notion that we have an easy life - those who are teachers or those who see a teachers work schedule realize that during the school year there is nearly no off time. While some are able to check Facebook or surf the web while they work. A teacher works from 8am-3pm at school - this portion of the day is filled with classes with students and meetings with administrators and fellow teachers. Teachers often have students in during lunch for help. And few teachers are able to start right at 8am. Most come in early - set up the classroom, make the final preps to the lesson, check email, etc. Therefore, the day truly starts more like at 7am. Then at 3pm there is not an immediate off switch very few teachers are able to leave all work at school - grading or communication or lesson preparation comes home with you. Now typically it is only 30mins to 90mins of work but this again increased the time spent. Finally, teaching is not a 5 day a week profession - the weekends are required to prepare lessons and grade assessments. Now - I love my job. I would want to do nothing else professionally  But a teachers life is not easy - it is filled with great moments but it is also complete with hours of work and dedication.

As teachers we do receive 8 weeks of summer vacation - I use this time to complete projects and recharge.

All of this makes me realize that those in the business world are often allowed to work in different circumstances - if I were to start a business I would encourage 90 minute cycles of work - but more importantly I believe in setting deadlines and having people meet those deadlines. People should be provided autonomy in how they work and when they work - just as long as they accomplish the job at hand.

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