Mini Rant: Competition

This weekend I helped run and coach a basketball tournament for middle schoolers. As a 7th grade teacher it is fun to see students outside the classroom on the basketball court. One of my critics of the last grades that have passed through is the simple fact losses do not truly impact them.

I have a very talented team - and we played hard, competed during every game, and improved throughout the weekend. I can easily list countless areas and ideas that we can improve upon - team defense, shot selection, willingness to attack the rim, floor spacing, screening bodies versus space, attacking the basket with proper angles, balance on shots, shooting with more confidence, etc.

But this team I have will be fun to coach for a simple reason - after losing in the semifinal game they cared and they were upset. For athletes or competitors - losses serve as fuel and motivation. Learning is an action that requires effort - and often the effort required to master the details are frustrating and difficult. You need motivation and you need drive - I believe this comes from feeling each loss. Hating each loss. And striving to not lose again - yet constantly risking failure in competition by competing to one's max.

This can translate to any learning situation - seeking answers - seeking improvement is something I find too fun to pass.

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