Thought Provoking Video: Motivating Speech

One of the components that is most difficult about teaching is motivating. And as a basketball coach and as a teacher it is impossible to impart the drive and motivation students needs day in and day out - students must discover this within themselves; players must crave this in themselves. This video overlays an interesting and motivating speech.

Commitment and drive can be power tools that require sacrifice. What do you think of this speech?

I have told those who listen to me - that to be the best at something is not a balanced pursuit. To truly be the best golfer, basketball player, scientist, requires dedication and sacrifice that does not allow a balanced life. Listening to Kobe Bryant's preparation for this NBA season can provide a glimmer into that world - working out in the weight room, in the gym, hiring a personal chef, paying attention to sleep patterns, and nap patterns; dedicating every moment to improving his game and enabling him to be the best he can be - results in a tunnel visioned approach to life. Finding the balance between laziness and this type of commitment.

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