Education Article: With Growth Of 'Hacker Scouting,' More Kids Learn To Tinker

The Education Article: "With Growth Of 'Hacker Scouting,' More Kids Learn To Tinker" caught my attention - in past posts I have often discussed and mentioned the need to help students learn how to read, write, and think critically and independently - this article discusses a really cool idea "Hacker Scouts."

As the article explains:
Kids build robots with Popsicle sticks at an Oakland meeting of Hacker Scouts, a group that encourages young people to create do-it-yourself crafts and electronics."In recent months, Scoutlike groups that concentrate on technology and do-it-yourself projects have been sprouting up around the country. They're coed and, like traditional Scouting organizations, award patches to kids who master skills...The kids in Hacker Scouts are not breaking into computer networks. They make things with their hands, and at this particular meeting they are learning to
 solder and are building "judobots," small robots made out of wooden Popsicle sticks."

I believe this is a great use of the internet and the idea that 'Hacker' kids can learn to build and think is amazing.

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