Educational Article: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology

The Educational Article: "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology" highlights key considerations for those teachers who use technology.

Each point brings up an important concept - the key to this chart is to realize you must practice these habits to achieve a stronger classroom. As point one articulates teachers must first seek to use technology only with a clear purpose. Too often new websites or technology companies try to promote empty possibilities that are flashy and look cool but do not serve a true purpose in education. Effective teachers who use technology first have a purpose and then seek technology to enhance the lesson.

An additional point - technology allows teachers to share their content more easily. Technology enables collaboration more than every before. I have my own technology site (Stealing and Explaining Websites) and this blog - in addition, my Class Log with my classes daily activities can be found by Googling "Hull Social Studies." These are all examples of how technology can help share.

The final point I wanted to address was number 8 - 'they actively care' - I believe the most important characteristic a teacher can demonstrate is motivation to constantly improve their classroom and their craft. Education, technology, and most importantly students - are always changing - and teachers cannot remain static instead they must constantly seek to improve. Technology can help introduce new ideas, concepts, and possibilities.

I highly recommend checking out Angela Maiers' work.

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