Educational Article: Tablet Use Surges Among Campus Professionals

The Educational Article: "Tablet Use Surges Among Campus Professionals" is a great read for those looking to the power and capabilities of tablet computers.

The three important points are

  • "A recent CDW-G poll illustrates the surge of work-related tablet use by higher education professionals, with 88% of the 153 tablet users surveyed reporting that they have been using their devices for one year or less." 
  • "With 75% of respondents to the December poll reporting that they still use a laptop for work and 71% still using desktop computers, it remains unlikely that tablets will replace standard computers in the immediate future."
  • "The top five software programs/applications reported by the tablet users included e-mail, web browser, office/productivity suites, file storage and social media, and 78% said they felt that using a tablet made them a better multitasker."

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