Educational Article: Re-Imagination of Everything

The Educational Article: "Re-Imagination of Everything" highlights a few important points for the future of education.

The article examines the work of "Mary Meeker, a venture capitalist with Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, recently presented at Stanford University on web trends...Her message is that the evolving web forces us to re-imagine everything."

The article highlights three trends
  • "USA adults who own tablets or eReaders has grown from 2% to 29% in three years 
  • Mobile internet traffic has surpassed desktop internet traffic in India. When will that happen in USA? 
  • During the recent Black Friday shopping, one-quarter of shopping traffic was on mobile devices rather than desktops, up from only 6 percent two years ago.
The key to these trends is simple to me - mobile devices - namely tablets - more specifically iPads (in my humble opinion) are going to transform education. And in doing so we will have to re-imagine everything.

Below I have included Mary Meeker's 88 slide presentation that provides other thought provoking ideas as well.

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