Mini Rant Sparked by Educational Article: Reading 'can help reduce stress'

My principal recently sent along this article to our staff: "Reading 'can help reduce stress'" As the article states "Reading is the best way to relax and even six minutes can be enough to reduce the stress levels by more than two thirds, according to new research."

Reading can reduce stress levels by 68 per cent, according to the University of Sussex research.I believe that this is a true concept that is often distorted - reading for pleasure is an amazing stress relief but that comes from choice and individualization. But this relaxation only occurs if the reader can choose the topic and source to read. Mandated reading stifles relaxation because of the forced nature in which we hate to feel trapped by musts. Too many people when told not to do something or that they must have to do something simply feel a need to pursue the off limit goal or rebel against the rules. Reading provides a time away from the hectic real world. An escape from the daily pressures. The reading choice for some maybe some utopian society gone awry (see Divergent) or for others maybe an in depth examination of the latest football trends (see Football Outsiders). In my opinion, reading can provide that escape while helping the brain remain active and engaged in thought.

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