Review: Mobile Cloth

Recently I was generously provided with 2 sample micro cloths from MobileCloth to test on my personal iPad. The MobileCloth website describes how the cloths are "designed to quickly clean touchscreens and mobile devices completely and safley."

I wanted to test these cloths for myself because my 7th grade classroom next year will implement 1:1 iPads. Last year my classroom utilized iPads every Friday and entirely during the final 10 week unit of the year. I wholeheartedly believe iPads will help education. iPads enable teachers to individualize lessons and differentiate throughout all activities. My classroom thrived with the 1:1 implementation - while there were hiccups and obstacles - I believe there always will be obstacles next year - one of the most simplest issues with 25 iPads for 6 classes of students is cleanliness. 12 year olds have wide range of reading levels - and hygiene levels. Keeping the iPads clean is a must. 

The MobileCloth provided has worked amazingly! I have used the cloth for nearly one month now and my iPad has never been as clean. I have travled and the cloths are easily concealed in my iPad case. I highly recommend these cloths for anyone with an iPad. MobileCloth is a great product.

I need to test the cloth out on the student iPads during the normal class schedule this August before providing my opinion on how the cloth will hold up during student use. If the cloths continue to work this well on the student iPad set I will bring the product to my administrator asking all iPad carts to be equipped with such cloths. I am looking forward to see how the two cloths I have hold up to student use this school year. I will update my blog with the results later this year. For more information about MobileCloth check out their site - they do offer educational pricing for schools interested.

MOBiLE CLOTH is the best way to clean your ipad.

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