Educational Article: RIP White MacBook: The Future of Apple Computers at School

Hack Education often provides great thought provoking articles for teachers. Audrey Watters examines Apples change of educational products, more specifically the end of white MacBooks - Watters states "Once there was the MacBook. It was "the notebook for everyone." It was the notebook for many schools – the Apple-oriented ones, at least. But the iconic white, plastic-case devices were pulled from stores in 2011, and sales to educational institutions were discontinued earlier this year."

As Watters highlights Apple is moving to the potential of the iPad - and as a teacher employing 1:1 iPads in my classroom I enjoyed reading this article about the Apple developments to help the iPad service educational needs but also echo Watters missing the white Macbook already. Apple's shift from the white Macbook is why I believe education is moving towards the iPad - if Apple is going to develop products, services, and apps for education to utilize the iPad this money will help enable teachers to improve their classrooms helping students critically and independently read, write, and think.

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