Educational Post: Teaching: Where it is; where it’s going; where it needs to be

Gary Stern's The Hall Monitor recently posted his notes from the 11 experts he heard provide short, 12-minute presentations during the Education Writers Association's 65th national seminar. Stern provides highlights from Richard Ingersoll (UPenn Grad School of Education), Deborah Loewenberg Bell (University of Michigan Education School), Ted Mitchell (presdient NewSchools Venture Fund), Roxanna Elden (teacher Hialeah H.S Miami), Bryan Hassel (co-diretor, Public Impact), Thomas Kane (Harvard Grad School of Education), Denise Khaalid (assistant principal, S.C), Anthony Bryk (president, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching), Rebecca Pringle (secretary/treasurer, NEA), Ron Thorpe (president, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards), Elena Silva (senior policy analyst, Education Sector) discussions. I recommend checking out Stern's short blurbs and if interested further investigating the stances of some of these presenters.

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