Education Article: Teaching kids to be ‘digital citizens’ (not just ‘digital natives’)

John Merrow's article touches upon an earlier posts discussion of the 3 C's. As explained in the article by Merrow he "accepts the general truth of what someone called the “Three C’s 1-9-90” rule of thumb, sad and depressing as it is. Only about ONE percent of young people are using today’s technologies to create; NINE percent are curating, collecting and critiquing, while NINETY percent are consuming." Merrow explains "Schools today must provide opportunities for young people to create knowledge out of the swirling clouds of information that surround them 24/7. You went to school because that’s where the knowledge was stored. That was yesterday. Think how different today’s world is. Today’s young people need guidance in sifting through the flood of information and turning it into knowledge. They need to be able to formulate good questions — because computers have all the answers." Merrow concludes his article with several ways that students and teachers can foster the skills to be in the 1% - I recommend checking the article out here.

Again - I believe that this is the constant drive for teachers to help students - I constantly refer the need for students to be able to read, write, and think critically and independently. Many of my class units are structured around being apart of all three C's - students need to consume information, curate/analyze the information, and then create upon their own set of beliefs and ideas. I think that this must be the goal - to enable students to be citizens in our ever changing world by providing them the ability to do all of the C's.

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