Review "The New Week in Rap"

I loved The Week in Rap in the past. I have utilized the site during my entire tenure as a teacher. My students enjoyed the news in this short rapped video format. In addition, it summarized the week in news well and provided my students a starting point to research news on our Current Event Friday. A week ago I recently received an email explaining how The Week in Rap was now going to charge for their services. I never like to hear a free site is moving to a fee - but The New Week in Rap has dramatically upgraded their services by expanding their library, creating great activities to use in correlation to the Week in Rap and much more. I highly recommend checking out the New Week in Rap site and utilize their 2 week free trial to see if you like the site. Unfortunately, the Week in Rap site is looking to overcharge teachers and schools with their $5 per month charge for the basic package or $7 per month charge for entire package - their offer of $50 per year and $70 per year is also steep. This is my absolute favorite site when free - and now their activities have dramatically improved, their videos now include US History topics, World History topics, Language Arts, Science, and Math, the site is even more amazing. I highly recommend checking out this site because it is one of the best resources on the internet - simply it is my favorite site - just be aware of the cost. 

Excerpt: "We're proud to debut the NEW Week in Rap. Didn't hear about the changes? Each week, we're bringing you activities, quizzes, lesson plans and a higher-quality video. There will now be a $5/month fee to access the video and these new features. Read more about the changes."

Link to their blog.

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