Must Read Post: The Ed-Tech Startup Crunch

One of my favorite bloggers recently published an unbelievable must read post for anyone in education. The Must Read Post: The Ed-Tech Startup Crunch - is where Watters investigates education start ups and current funding - using as she admits incomplete and elusive data she provides a list of the top 25 funded start ups. I recommend checking out her post here for the list.

But it is the end of Audrey Watters post where she asks the great questions:
"Which metrics are the startup ecosystem tracking that give us the wrong signals for which education startups are interesting or important or tranformative?

Which signals do investors (and by extension Crunchbase and Techcrunch… to name a few) follow that do not mean much when it comes to questions of learning, equity, justice? (i.e. user sign-ups, funding amounts)?

And finally, how can I make my research on this topic more relevant? What questions should I be asking of the Crunchbase(ish) data?

What questions does this data fail to answer? How can I make this research and data open and accessible to others?"

EdTech is a crowded and confusing field - but the goal and the possibilities are great. Helping educate students - helping create an easier, more effective, and efficient way to enable our students to learn is our goal.

I am excited to see what happens next.

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