Educational Article: The Learning Curve

As the site explains:

"The Learning Curve is a programme of quantitative and qualitative analysis designed to further understanding of the factors which lead to better educational performance within countries and school systems, and ultimately to better socio-economic outcomes.
The quantitative component of the programme consists of a large bank of internationally comparable education data covering 50 countries; an index covering 40 countries; and also a correlation analysis to test the strength of relationships between education inputs and outputs, as well between these and socio-economic outcomes. Our qualitative analysis is contained in The Learning Curve Report 2012 and an accompanying series of case studies and articles. Video interviews with education practitioners and experts are an additional element of the programme.
An interactive website presenting all the aforementioned data and analysis can be found at  http://thelearningcurve.pearson.com
All the programme content has been developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit and is published by Pearson.
Read more: http://www.managementthinking.eiu.com/learning-curve.html?fsrc=scn/tw/te/co/EIUdec18#ixzz2MouhSc35"

I recommend checking out and reading this research.

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