Educational Article: Donald Clark's Plan B

It is important to discuss ideas and concepts to better understand your own point of view and understand the perception of others.

I recommend reading the Educational Article: Donald Clark's Plan B "Too cool for school: 7 reasons why tablets should NOT be used in education" - but then consider he presents one point of view.

I am clearly biased - I have a 1:1 iPad classroom --- and I love my classroom - and my students love learning in my classroom.

I want to address several of Clark's points. First he states that students do not purchase iPads. It is true students do not have the disposable income to purchase a $400 machine. But if they could they would. And you can see this any time you walk into an Apple store. Clark transitions and state do employees use them - to which he responds no. Clark is incorrectly generalizing. Salesmen for many companies are provided a iPad with specific tools to help them sell their merchandize - see GE, Enterprise, and many more companies for examples.

In my classroom iPads enable my students to write. Students create blogs. Students create Google Docs for research. Students create Google Docs and write current event papers. Students create lab reports. Students are able to research the internet, or iBooks, and so much more on an iPad.

iPads allow students to create presentations - see Haiku Decks. Videos see Pinnacle Studio. Websites. And so much more.

Students are able to travel with their iPads to discuss with peers and travel the school searching for answers. Everyone must realize that iPads are not laptops. If you treat iPad like a laptop you are preventing yourself from maximizing the iPads potential.

Visit my classroom and witness iPads transforming education - as iPads enable individualized tailored education helping students learn how to read, write, and think critically and independently.

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