Thought Provoking Article: Electoral College Reform

During the election unit this year many of my students did not understand the Electoral College - they could define the process and articulate how the concept worked but struggled to understand why something that appeared to be out of date was continually used in what they believed was the most important election of their lives - (to date - this is the only election they were truly understanding thus far).

electorally reformed US map
Courtesy of Fake is the New Real
The Thought Provoking Article: "Electoral College Reform (fifty states with equal population)" provides a great examination to the question of how we can fix the Electoral College - while the solution is crazy and radically different than the status quo - it is logical from a specific point of view.

As Neil Freeman explains on his blog The Fake is the New Real "The largest state is 66 times as populous as the smallest and has 18 times as many electoral votes. This allows for Electoral College results that don't match the popular vote."

Freeman continues to highlight the advantages, disadvantages, and methodology used. I highly recommend reading this article.

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