Grantland's YouTube HOF: Super Bowl Halftime

Check out Grantland's "YouTube HOF: Super Bowl Halftime" with the Super Bowl this Sunday between the Ravens and 49ers.

Here is Grantland's introduction:

"In its 47 years, the Super Bowl halftime show has become something of a definitive stage for American entertainment; a pop-cultural barometer, albeit a wildly unreliable one. It has created larger-than-life onstage moments that have inspired millions and ruined careers and prompted legislation. This Sunday, Beyoncé will take the stage at the Superdome in a halftime show that, for once, promises to be pretty damn good. Which is great, because as we learned this week at the YouTube HOF, when it comes to Super Bowl halftimes, sometimes we're lucky, and sometimes the Black Eyed Peas are there."

Check out all of the videos here.

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