Educational Article: What Students Can Actually DO With An iPad

A MUST READ: Educational Article: "What Students Can Actually DO With An iPad"

I have a 1:1 iPad classroom and I am asked the question above countless times - and this article articulates many of the points I try to communicate.

This article highlights several project ideas that can serve as a spark to many possible assignments - the author Beth Holland concludes in a spectacular fashion:

"My colleague, Greg Kulowiec, recently wrote iPads are like Hammers. He concluded his post by saying: “Start with the end goal in mind, the inspiration, the challenge and then determine if an iPad can be used to effectively, not to teach new content to students, but to allow them to achieve the end goal. To demonstrate their learning and share that understanding with their peers, a broader audience and even potentially the world.” Rather than ask what the iPad can do, ask what your students can demonstrate, explain, represent, communicate, visualize, DO with the iPad."

I bolded the final statement - because it is the essential component and advice I recommend. The iPad enables so much but the classroom should be student centered - and the question, in my humble opinion, should be about student reading, writing, and thinking.

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