Educational Article and Mini-Rant: FAQs for a Skeptic on Technology

The educational article: "FAQs for a Skeptic on Technology" is a must read for ed tech supporters. Proponents of ed tech must address the skeptics and their questions - without critiques we are left without addressing the real problems. The author Larry Cuban provides the three reasons he is a skeptic. Yet, he states "Combine hype and experimentation and that is a potentially toxic combination. Thus, hard questions must be asked of those policymakers who buy and deploy electronic devices for classroom instruction."

And in my opinion, this is the key - Cuban is not anti ed technology - he is just frustrated by the current technologies that claim to solve problems that are more complicated than a miracle pill solution - and he is frustrated by the consistant company hype providing teachers patchwork technology that is flashy put incomplete.

Ed tech must create a tool that enables the teacher and student to be more efficient and effective learners. Technology is simply a tool that cannot replace teachers, essential questions, and much more that is necessary in educatoin.

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