Education Article: Computers in the Classroom: A Mindful Lens on Technology

Douglas Rushkoff's article "Computers in the Classroom: A Mindful Lens on Technology" poses some interesting questions.

Rushkoff breaks down the use of technology into a few core concepts. First is context - and he offers two requirements "So the first requirement to using any technology in the classroom is for us to be prepared to talk about it, assess its influence over our interactions and evaluate its role in an ongoing way. Second, it's our role as educators to judge whether a given piece of technology is really going to enhance our ability to educate. Will it help us engage with our students, or help them engage with each other and the subject more meaningfully?"

This second comment as he explains is too often over looked - we must constantly seek technology that aid in student learning versus distract or simply offer a glossy cool cover page to a project that is lacking when helping kids master the necessary skills. Offers some great advice in the "Know Your Medium" sections - he addresses the questions of face time, and the fuction of technology, how the message is influenced by the medium, and the role of technology itself.

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