Random: Living in a bubble

Time to yourself: The Cocoon 1 creates a space for relaxation that can be transported into any environmentSo I was stumbling around the Internet on the car ride home from the Northwestern vs Michigan game when I discovered this site: "Living in a bubble: The 'quiet retreat' you can set up at the park, in the house... or even hang from a tree."

Nesting: A giant net can be used to hang the Cocoon 1 from a tree to allow users to find peace in natureAs the product describes: Swiss designers have invented a human-sized bubble, described as a ‘place of retreat’ for people who want a bit of peace but don’t want to be completely out of touch. The transparent globes made by Swiss designers Micasa Lab can be used in a room, outside, attached to the ceiling – or even put in water. A net enables it to be hung in trees, on buildings, or in a cluster of other cocoons."

I just found this crazy to consider a serious purchase.

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