Educational Article: 18 iPad uses: How classrooms are benefiting from Apple's tablets

I am a believer in the 1:1 iPad classroom - my 1:1 iPad class is enjoying great success. This article outlines 18 benefits: "18 iPad uses: How classrooms are benefiting from Apple's tablets"

As the article begins "iPads are quickly becoming a popular and powerful educational tool for classrooms. Beyond the immediate benefit of engaging students, iPads can improve education efficiency and standards. However, many teachers are unsure of how to use them effectively. Coupled with concerns over the costs involved, iPad implementation in schools is seen as an unnecessary and expensive risk. As the case studies below demonstrate, iPads are being used in education environments around the world with great success. Teachers can have paperless classrooms, take attendance, share interactive presentations and test their students—all on their iPad. So just what are they doing? Education Dive has compiled a list."

Check out the list here it provides a strong overview of many - but not all - the great ways you can use the iPad.

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