Rant: Trout vs Cabrera for MVP

I am a Trout fan. I am a fanatical fan of Mike Trout. I realize that Cabrera will win the MVP. But I believe without sensationalizing stories that Trout has been the more valuable player. I have been in heated conversations with my father, brother, teacher friends, fantasy sports obsessed statistical individuals and more. My wife simply nods her head and says she believes my point of view but hey this is why you have a blog to talk to no one but feel better that you have explained yourself.
Statistically speaking:

Cabrera 2012 vs Trout 2012 (rankings for all MLB 2012 Cabrera listed 1st Trout 2nd)

  • 205 hits vs 182 - (2 vs 15)
  • 109 runs scored vs 129 (2 vs 1)
  • 44 home runs vs 30 (1 vs outside top 20)
  • 139 RBIs vs 83 (1 vs outside top 20)
  • 4 stolen bases (4/5 for 80% success) vs 49 (49/54 for 90% success) (outside top 20 vs 1)
  • .330 batting average vs .326 (2 vs 4)
  • .393 on base percentage (OBP) vs .399 (7 vs 5)
  • .606 slugging percentage (SLG) vs .564 (difference of .042) (2 vs 5)
  • .999 on base plus slugging percentage (OPS) vs .963 (difference of .036) (1 vs 5)
  • 6.7 wins above replacement (WAR by Baseball reference) vs 10.7 (difference of 4 wins) (5 vs 1)
  • 7.5 offensive wins above replacement (offense WAR by Baseball Reference) vs 8.6 (2 vs 1)
Cabrera defensively is a sub par third baseman. Trout is an exceptional gold glove winning outfielder. I did not include the base running statistics but Trout is ranked 1 for runs produced on the basepaths and for wins produced on the basepaths.

My argument boiled down - Cabrera is a better hitter than Trout - but only marginally. The biggest gap is in RBIs but this stat is based upon your place in the batting order and your teammates. The biggest true gap is in power - 44 HR vs 30 HRs - however I believe this edge to Cabrera is offset by Trout's much more valuable defense and baserunning.

Finally for those that say Cabrera lead the Tigers into the playoffs - the Angels held a better record and played in a much more difficult division.

For more states visit Baseball Reference

As ESPN baseball insider Keith Law states "Trout actually had a higher OPS+ than Cabrera. Trout led Cabrera by .006 in OBP; Cabrera led by .042 in SLG. Cabrera played in a better hitter's park, and had an easier slate of competition, including a ton of at bats against the two worst pitching staffs (by ERA). They're much closer than you'd think from the OMG TR1PLE CROWN!!!?!"

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