Educational Article: Amazon Just Beat Apple to the Classroom

Amazon Just Beat Apple to the ClassroomThis article examines the latest from Amazon as they race with Apple to infiltrate the education sector. As the article explains Amazon's latest venture with Whispercast:  "Whispercast is a free service that serves as an umbrella for many, many Kindle management features, but most of all it provides the kind of centralized control over devices that are a luxury for businesses and a necessity for schools. Content distribution, social media and purchase blockades, password protection, document sharing; there couldn't be a more teacher-friendly checklist." The article provides a starting point for a discussion.

Yet in my opinion, both companies - and for that matter all companies - still have not mastered or tailored the perfect situation for schools. Instead teachers are left implementing and adapting technology to their classrooms - hopefully soon there will be a teacher tailored system to tap the full potential of this technology. Amazon has not beaten Apple to the classroom - instead they still are thinking of the classroom from the point of view of businessmen and not from the vantage point of teachers and students.

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