Educational Video: The Impossible Trinity - 60 Second Adventures in Economics

Economics is a topic that is supposed to be taught in my class yet I often struggle to truly provide in depth coverage of the topic. My students walk away with the basic principles but in 7th grade I work to enable them to understand the basics - the series of educational videos presented here from the "The Open University" explaining 6 key economic terms in 60 seconds each is an interesting set of resources.   I will be sharing the 6 videos on my blog one each day. Each video is a good starting point to discussion - these videos are not unarguable facts but instead a start to a difficult conversation.

Video Five: The Impossible Trinity - 60 Second Adventures in Economics "The Impossible Trinity or 'trilemma' suggests that it is impossible for a country to maintain a fixed exchange rate, free capital movement and an independent monetary policy at one and the same time."

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