Review: Data.gov

As a seventh grade social studies teacher I strive to help my students learn the skills that will enable them to read, write, and think critically and independently. I work to help students read the news and non-fiction text. Another important component of my classroom is attempting to help my students read and interpret visuals - or data.

Our world is increasingly becoming data reliant. Data.gov is a site that strives to help teachers use data in the classroom. As their site states "Learning to understand and analyze data is a key step in becoming a critical thinker. For our nation’s youth to reach their full potential, they need tools, resources, and opportunities. Here at Data.gov, we create the opportunities for learning, challenges for innovation, and resources for exploring the nation and the world."


I am excited to incorporate the resources and lessons from this site in my classroom - I highly recommend checking out the site at Data.gov

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