Educational Article: Technology Driving Widespread Shift in Teaching Models

As the article, "Technology Driving Widespread Shift in Teaching Models," states "The increase of technology in the classroom has led to an increase in the use of non-lecture-based instructional delivery methods during class time, such as hands-on learning, group projects, guided independent study, distance learning, and one-on-one instruction." This is an important possibility with technology integration the ability to teach in different, more customizable ways.

However, as the article continues I think an interesting point can be made from this statement "The majority of students participating in the study indicated they'd prefer a mix of delivery models, including: Distance learning (the choice of 11 percent of students); One-on-one tutoring (8 percent); Independent study (14 percent); Group projects (12 percent); and Hands-on projects (17 percent)." There are a myriad of methods to teach material and each student enjoys a different choice - and while it is the goal of a teacher to provide opportunities for students that best tap into their abilities learning requires effort - and it is important to have students accomplish tasks that are difficult. To continue this point, not all learning is fun. To mistakenly allow students to believe all learning is fun, in my humble opinion, sets students up for failure in the future. Fun needs to be integrated into the classroom. Fun and enjoyment needs to exist but part of the fun should be learning, and accomplishing success versus doing easy activities that always fit perfectly into what a student wants. This is a fine balance to walk between individualization and student directed catering. Check out the entire article here.

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