Educational Article: ISTE 2012: Demystifying Google Apps for Education

This article examines the myths behind Google Apps for Education. As the article states "A longtime user dispels the myths that continue to make schools wary of adopting Google’s free platform of web productivity tools."

The 13 myths investigated are

  1. Google Apps for Education isn’t free.
  2. Google will charge for the service, eventually.
  3. You can’t turn off the ads.
  4. Schools don’t own their data.
  5. Google will sell schools’ information.
  6. Google employees will be able to see schools’ information.
  7. There is no enterprise-level control.
  8. E-mail has to be activated for students.
  9. Nobody is using it.
  10. It doesn’t satisfy school compliance requirements.
  11. There’s no support.
  12. It isn’t secure or reliable.
  13. There’s no staff development available.

While I would like Google to improve their platform for mobile devices - their Apps still open tons of opportunities for students
.ISTE 2012: Demystifying Google Apps for Education

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