Educational Article: How Open Education is Changing the Texture of Content

As the article states "Now, digital curriculum — in both college and K-12 — seems to be shifting from attempts to break apart comprehensive digital textbooks to meet classroom needs, to building up lessons and courseware from individual instructional chunks. And that has the potential to make the traditional definition of ‘textbook' somewhat quaint." Check out the article - the article is a must read.

This statement is beyond true - as I have implemented 1:1 iPads in my classroom I have discovered the ability to differentiate for each student - the teaching of skills while providing the necessary difficulty for each student is an amazing experience. This article examines the the price, availability, discoverability, and flexbility that this type of curriculum choice. I firmly agree that this transformation is real and beyond important to embrace to best educate all students - enabling students to read, write, and think critically and independently.

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