For iPad Users: MOBiLE Cloth

As the summer quickly is upon us teachers I am finding myself excited in preparation for next year. While this year I used iPads nearly every day during the final few months of school, next year will be the first full year for my classroom to be 1:1 iPads. I am excited with opportunities like iBooks Author, and exciting Apps like Subtext, but also looking to solve the small questions that undoubtedly will arise. I wonder if this product - MOBiLE Cloth is something I should look to have the district purchase. Because our district has 1:1 iPads in all social studies classrooms this MOBiLe Cloth with the ability to quickly and easily clean iPads could be an fantastic solution. MOBiLE Cloth appears to have the potential to hep my classroom but has anyone used MOBiLE Cloth? OR should I buy and see how well they work?

I will update after I give this cloth a try.

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