Educational Resource: The Honor Roll: 50 Must-Read K–12 Education IT Blogs

There are many key characteristics required to become and remain a great teacher. One of these is the willingness to continue to venture, explore, and attempt to improve one's classroom. This willingness to risk failure is important for educators. Risking failure requires teachers to read thought provoking pieces, investigate new technology, and reflect on their own practices constantly.

EdTechMagazine.com published their list of 50 must read educational blogs (this is their inaugural post on the topic). I highly recommend checking out this post, subscribing to the feeds that sound most interesting, and remember if they made a list of the top 50,000 educational blogs I would be on the honorable mention for almost making the list portion of the article.

This is a great resource list of educational bloggers - I follow many of these writers and find much of my inspiration, thought provoking pieces, and more from such posts listed. Check out "The Honor Roll: 50 Must-Read K–12 Education IT Blogs"

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