Bill Simmons' Article LeBron Makes LeLeap

Bill Simmons' examines his statement "Sitting in awe courtside while King James finally figured it all out."Simmons' continues "We remember NBA stars three different ways: by the entirety of their career, their career's highest peak, and the duration of that peak. Something like 25 players had genuinely great careers, but only seven played at the all-around level that LeBron achieved these past few weeks. Jordan, Russell, Kareem, Magic and Bird kept their peaks going. Wilt got bored. Walton got injured. Now we're here again."

Simmons' evaluates the type of player LeBron became during the 2012 Finals, a concept I agree with Simmons', LeBron struggled to discover for his entire NBA career to this point: ""By the end of the 2012 Finals, we had our answer: He's LeBron James. First of a kind. A power point guard who can create his own shot from the perimeter and the low post, a devastating passer who can't be double-teamed, a superior athlete who attacks the rim whenever he wants, an unfathomably durable workhorse on both ends, someone who can defend all five positions (yes, five) at an elite level."

Reading the Simmons' article is a must for an NBA fan, a LeBron fan, or even the LeBron hater. I enjoy reading his view point because of his extensive work on the NBA and his understanding of the hierarchy of NBA talent (Simmons' even created a great tool for the Hall of Fame evaluation - the Pyramid - his book is a great, albiet lengthy, must read for true NBA fans)

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