Article: Why Facebook (Or Anyone Else) Might Never Crack the Code on Mobile Advertising

The article's author Chunka Mui asks an amazing question "What if the dearth of mobile advertising is not because of Facebook’s failure but because the opportunity is not really there?" In his article "Why Facebook (Or Anyone Else) Might Never Crack the Code on Mobile Advertising" Mui investigates an answer to this question.

The market value of companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Yahoo will depend on if these companies can turn the mobile traffic they will generate into advertising dollars. As Mui states there is a belief that this opportunity of mobile advertising is simply a problem yet to be solved - yet Mui explains all of these companies realize this is not an easy problem to solve. Mui quotes technology veteran Jean-Louis Gassee who believes the billions thought to exist in mobile advertising revenue is simply a mirage - and these companies are failing to capture on these immense riches because they do not exist. This article offers some great points and is a thought provoking start to a question that will dominate the smartest people in these companies for a very long time.

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