Education Article: Want Positive Behavior? Use Positive Language

The language we use as educators cannot be overlooked. (Check out this article for more information on positive language) As a coach and a teacher it became evident the need to adjust the phrasing and terminology used to connect and reach each player and student. It is amazing, but using a basketball example, one must be able to communicate the same idea (holding a follow through high) in a myriad of ways (finish above the eyes, elbow straight through and high, reach up and over the rim, up to the sky, etc) because some may not click for a player whereas one may allow them to realize the needed finish. The language required to convey constructive criticism is a fine balance between fluffy compliments and the enforcement of positive behavior. The article "Want Positive Behavior? Use Positive Language" investigates this ongoing dilemma and is worth a read by educators seeking to evaluate the language they utilize with their students.

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