Education Article: Paying Attention to Attention

The Thinking Stick's Jeff Utecht's post "Paying Attention to Attention" is a great read - highlighted by " the 1-9-90 rule (click for Washington Post article) that researchers see emerging. That is that 1% of us create, 9% of us curate, an 90% of us only consume information. After the presentation I asked students to write down the top three things that get their attention." Utecht wants both students and educators to consider how much time we spend consuming versus creating. Read Utecht's post here.

After reading Utecht's post I realized that this ratio could be used to help my classroom - the ratio needs to be tweaked but students should spend some time in the classroom consuming information - learning how to read critically and independently; students need to learn how to curate and analyze information - writing/thinking critically and independently, and students need to create their own information - using all of these skills to create their own thoughts, ideas, etc. I am always excited to continue to improve my classroom and this article sparked thought provoking possibilities.

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