Check Out: DCA - Discover-Create-Advance

My school district is currently moving to integrating STEM into the curriculum offered to our middle school students - this website DCA (Discover-Create-Advance) seems like an interesting incorporation of many of the problem based learning strategies. Thanks to EdSurge for the heads up on this site.

The site home offers the introduction "Discover Create Advance is a non-profit company working to build a community of "makers" who create effective project based learning for everyone. DCA was born from three years of trial and error in our applied physics course at High Tech High Media Arts. Our former students, Ali, Josh and Shelma decided they were going to do something different when they designed Beta Bot. Beta Bot is an autonomous underwater “mood robot” made out of a plastic cookie jar. When Beta Bot hits a wall it throws a “tantrum” by turning red and shifting its motors back and forth. When Beta Bot is “depressed” it turns blue and sinks to the bottom of the tank. Beta Bot was built by students with no prior experience in electronics, programming or manufacturing. DCA is working to help make projects like Beta Bot accessible to teachers and students who would otherwise not attempt an engaging project based approach."

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