Bloomberg Article: JPMorgan Said to Transform Treasury to Prop Trading

The article that sparked this thought: "JP Morgan Said to..."; For the first time in a while a miniature rant will ensue: I am not an economic expert but I believe that at times our government fails to act in our best interest. In my humble upon the concept and model of capitalism relies upon self correction (ie bankruptcy). If the government continually bails out businesses; these sectors will have no fear of failure. As this article explains large businesses are now venturing into higher risk fields with seemingly lower anxiety. Refusing to allowing correction cycles to occur severely limits our economy and further prevents innovation. It is difficult to state and cold to think that recessions are necessary but in many ways they are. But again, in my opinion, this entire economic problem stems from the refusal of politicians to act as statesman: looking out for the best of the nation longterm, instead of only dealing with and acting on the re-election campaign of today. To allow the following quote to stir thoughts and provoke ideas: my smart friends paraphrasing of a quote: capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without hell.

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