Understanding "Kony 2012"

Several of my students came in today talking about Kony 2012. The video had gone viral on Facebook and after our Project Citizen Unit and our current start to the Genocide Unit my students were eager to understand what was happening. While this is great to have enthusiasm and curiousity it also highlights the need to teach students how to think independently. The movie is gripping and well done - yet one must cross check information and search to understand the situation beyond one movies tale. The Guardian offers their point of view here "Kony 2012: what's the real story?"and Reuters explains their side here "Kony 2012 video goes viral, big names line up in support"also CBSNews' take "Invisible Children's "Kony 2012" viral video stirs emotion and controversy"

Again I believe it is important in our current society to gather the facts and think independently and this skill must be fostered with our students.

"Kony 2012"

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