Review Update: "Super Teacher Worksheets"

In brief, this site now charges $19.95 per individual for yearly access. I would utilize free sites before subscribing to this site. I have updated my website with this information.

"Printable worksheets for teachers."
My take: Worksheets ranging from grade levels K-8, subjects including math, language arts, puzzles, science, social studies and other teacher helpers - I believe this site is built more for elementary school teachers but some of the templates are helpful beyond. Now these worksheets cost $19.95 for each individual. This recent change dramatically alters my recommendation to use this site. I would utilize other free sites before subscribing to this site.
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  1. Hi Christopher!

    Thanks for mentioning our site on your blog - you have a terrific blog and I appreciate the review of our site.

    We do classify ourselves as a K-5 site, but of course many skills and concepts overlap, and we hope to add resources for middle school grades in the near future.

    Charging a feee isn't something we wanted to do, it's something we had to do to make ends meet. (We lost quite a bit of money last year, so we needed a new buisness plan to keep the site going.)

    We did try to keep the price affordable. At $20 a year, I think we're one of the least expensive subscription worksheet sites on the Internet.

    We're looking at this change in a positive light. Now that we're "back in the black", we will be able to grow and improve the site more than ever.

    I hope your readers will find our site worthwhile.

    Tim W