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Craving: A trip to Europe including a stop in Finland.

History is an interesting concept - as timing is everything. As a Political Science and World Religions major I have always been interested in the philosophies that govern society. Each society was greatly impacted by their own set of fortunes and experience just like an individual on their path in life. I have been interested in the Finnish history for a little while now - As a country nearly straddling the European identity line there have been moments where it has been controlled by Russia, especially as Russia tried to remain true to its Europe identity despite fighting the outcast role, then Finland ceded to  Swedish control. In the late 18th and 19th century the Lutheran religion dominated fostering specific cultural beliefs as nationalism swept Europe. Coinciding with the Russian civil war during the aftermath of WWI Finland itself declared independence from Swedish control and fought to end any Russian influence. Becoming an independent country in 1917. As the 20th century concluded Finland joined the EU yet citizens do not identify nor desire to join NATO

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