"Wonderopolis" Review

“Where the wonders of learning never cease.”
My take: The site encourages students to wonder about the world. The site offeres unique tidbits of information involving questions that would make students think. I believe this is truly a "random site" that is geared for elementary students that contains fun information but do not see it the site as a must have for educators.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Wonderopolis with your readers! We appreciate your review!

    Each day, students, educators, parents and grandparents from around the world enjoy exploring one or more of the 400+ Wonders of the Day in our growing library. Many educators are also active in sharing best practices for engaging their students using Wonderopolis on their blogs, school websites and through social media channels.

    We encourage learners of every age and skill level to stop by wonderopolis.org, do a bit of WONDERing and learn something new every day! :-)