The Sixth Day of NBA Christmas

Bill Simmons' goes off! Simmons', a professional writer, articulates his arguments well beyond my capability but he makes strong logical arguments that I believe are worth reading.

My take: I was playing basketball last night with the same group of guys I have played with for nearly 5 years - we were all discussing the trade involving Chris Paul - random side note - several of us have played against people in the NBA and everyone one of us thought this was a fair deal. Yet, the NBA vetoes a deal like a whinny fantasy owner (Matthew Berry TMR made this reference on Twitter and I think it is perfect). The trade is defensible and probably the best deal the Hornets could make for CP3 - by vetoing this deal CP3 cannot be traded at all this season and will walk in FA and the Hornets will be left with...wait for it..wait for it...nothing. Legendary debacle by the NBA and Stern.

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