Animoto App and the meaning I see...

When a colleague and I wrote and brainstormed the iPad pilot currently in place in our district we both believed that the companies and individuals would create Apps that would transform the iPad into an educational tool. We knew that the highest priority in our pilot was finding 1:1; the budget of our district dictated that the iPad was the better option because it allowed the 1:1 model. We had a discussion about if the iPad would allow students to both consume and produce information. We knew the iPad would be great at allowing students to consume information and we believed that it would allow them to produce great work too. Thanks to internet sites like Edmodo and some applications this has been true - but the latest release of the Animoto App (I will review this app in a later post) to me indicates that indeed the companies and individuals are working to create Apps that will continue to transform the iPad and enable our pilot to continue to succeed. Teachers are now able to transform their classrooms and units. The iPad allows students to gain stronger reading comprehension, enables student differentiation on a new level, allows for student collaboration continually, and allows for students to learn independent critical thinking skills.

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