"19 Pencils" Review

19Pencils = http://www.19pencils.com/
“Their mission to answer the question: "What if it were easy for teachers to discover and share educational websites, quizzes, and more, and to easily put the content onto a unique website that students could access from home?".”
My take: 19 Pencils allows for teachers to store common assessment, class websites, and participate in online chats with their entire class. Teachers are also able to track student progress. The online community allows for teacher collaboration. I believe the concept and ideas of this site are strong however I do not have the time personally to invest in an additional community but I hope to check back to see how the site is improving.

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  1. Thanks for your review. Hopefully you'll have time to re-visit 19pencils.com in the future. The eco-system of great content grows daily.

    Neill Kramer