A Rant on My Rants

I began to write this blog for two reasons. First, as apart of my graduate class on integrating Web 2.0 skills and programs into the classroom my teacher asked all of us to create a blog as a reflective tool. I felt that the blog provided me an outlet to write and to think. That leads me to the second reason I began this blog - to rant. I find that writing allows my brain to think and the process of writing forces myself to understand my own thoughts and opinions. When my blog first began I would rant nearly once ever two weeks but that has truly begun to fade and the rant posts have all but disappeared and I realized today the reason. I have several rants that inside my illogical crazy head but often I fail to include them on this blog. For the past few months I believed that the reason for this was because I have been so busy teaching, coaching basketball, helping to plan my wedding, and all of the daily stuff that occurs. Often I comment to friends I am shocked at how much I am actually able to post and amazed and dumbfounded that so many of the blogs I follow are able to post so often daily. But all of those were bullshit. I have not been ranting on this blog because I fear those that will read the post will critique and analyze my writing like I do to others. I have long known that I am a hyper critical person. I analyze and evaluate ever situation I am involved in. My fiance often comments that I dissect every word and position presented. I wish I could at times stop my mind from this chaos and non-stop process. Yet, today I did realize that this fear has caused me to keep my posts shorter and well not like this rant. So today I will be posting a few rants because they help me clarify my thoughts for me - and there should be no fear of being wrong. So for those reading this blog comment on the lack of grammar, or the run on sentences, or the thoughts being tangential and possibly even confusing and maybe you enjoy. If not - simply read the posts about enjoyable videos or news stories or enjoy your Sunday without. I missed the rant.

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