Dating Game

Fact or fiction:
I met a girl, we talked for 3 hours, she gave me her phone number. Not because I asked for her phone number but because she actually wanted to give me her number.  I went home. A smile on my face. I think I’ve met my next girlfriend.
The next day, I call her. Leave a message. She doesn’t call me back.
A day later, I send her a text message. She doesn’t text me back.
Two days later. I call her one more time. Send her one more text message.She doesn’t text or call me back.
At this point in my life, I’m used to a wide variety of rejections. From the girl who told me to lose twenty pounds and then call her, to the really sweet waitress who gave me her phone number only to find out that it was the number to the gay and lesbian hotline.
I’m prepared for rejection. I accept rejection. I welcome it into my life.
I’m not prepared for a girl to talk to me for three hours, insist that I call her, and then decide that she doesn’t want to speak to me. But that’s just one of the many dating games we all play.
So, I delete her number. Think about it for a moment. She was really cute.
And then I take comfort in the one thought, that always brings me a sense of peace and understanding.
If women think that all men are assholes, it’s only because they made us this way.

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