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“Free Online Plagiarism Checker and Duplicate Content Finder"
My take: Fast and easy way to check student papers - the part of this site that I enjoy most is it provides the link to where duplicate content was found. In middle school it is easier to differentiate between authentic student writing but this site is helpful to cross check. I highly recommend this site - it is one of my favorites.

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  1. So the students (rightfully) cannot use "paper mills" but the teachers can use this website to basically cheat at their jobs. I have found an increasing number of students getting accused of plagiarism because they cite the same article as a few thousand other students. I think teachers are too readily relying on these checker websites. In my opinion it is normalizing substandard teaching methods.

    1. I believe that all students and teachers need to utilize the resources that are available for them. In 7th grade my push with my students is for them to understand they must cite or quote their source. I am not trying to punish them for plagiarism but teach them the concept and idea of plagiarism. I have my students use this site too to show them areas where they may need to quote. Again, if you read my post I say this site is easier to cross check information - provides you a starting point for conversation with students. They are learning the difficult skill of research - there will be mistakes and as long as they are honest mistakes we move forward together in the process of learning. (Sorry for the delayed reply)